Saturday, October 14, 2017

The best songs ever

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Born this way-Lady Gaga

Poker Face-Lady Gaga

Wrecking ball-Miley Cyrus


Someone Like You-Adele

Younger Now-Miley Cyrus

Paparazzi-Lady Gaga

Telephone-Lady Gaga

Judas-Lady Gaga

Alejandro-Lady Gaga

Bad Romance-Lady Gaga

Movies to watch Halloween Edition

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The Addams Family

Hocus Pocus

The Night Before Christmas

Edward Scissorhands

Halloween Town

Halloween Town II

A disney halloween

It's the great pumpkin,Charlie Brown

Corpse Bride

The Witches

Hotel Transylvania

Halloween Town High

Monday, October 09, 2017

My favorite bands

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Thirty Seconds To Mars

My number 1 favorite band,the guys who makes me feel happy listening to their songs,thirty seconds to f******ng mars was formed in Los Angeles,California in 1998. Having as members Tomo Milicevic,the guitarist;Shannon Leto,the drummer;and Jared Leto the vocalist.
This band is part of my life since 2013,when i oficially entered in the Echelon family,and since then,i am a part of a crazy folk who are the best people ever.The reasons are because they are always supporting these three guys in everything,in the songs,new projects,documentaries,and principally,giving love to them,and it's the most important thing.


Nickelback is a Canadian rock band formed in 1995 in Hanna, Alberta, Canada. The band is composed of guitarist and lead vocalist Chad Kroeger, guitarist, keyboardist and backing vocalist Ryan Peake, bassist Mike Kroeger, and drummer Daniel Adair. The band went through a few drummer changes between 1995 and 2005, achieving its current lineup when Adair replaced drummer Ryan Vikedal.
I started to listen to nickelback's songs some years ago,and i was in a bad moment,so,their songs fitted well in my situation,making everything more worse or not,because their songs are amazing. I just love their lyrics,the way they express emotions in the songs,and how these songs explain every feeling when you are in love or suffering of love,that's pretty bad,but it is life,it happens.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Autumn things with each letter

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A-apple,apple pie

B-books,bale of hay



F-falling leaves,fall


H-halloween,harvest moon





P-pumpkin,pumpkin pie



S-season,september,sleet,scare row,spider's web,squash



Thursday, October 05, 2017

Doctor Who

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I started watching this tv show some days ago,i already knew it,but never stopped to know more about or even watch.This story surprised me,and like a rollercoaster,my thoughts changed,in the beginning,i expected some more,more drama,action and other things.But i couldn't stop to watch,because it was simple and so good at the same time,that I was completely in love with this.

About the characters,starting with the doctor,the main of them,he was a misterious crazy man who was fighting against something weird and without explanation,which was evil plastic mannequins which was kinda "possessed".

Later,he invited Rose to travel with him,in the tardis,and the a companion of him in his "travel" trips. And she accepted,thinking that would be good,because she thought there was too much to see and stay where she was living was like a "stuck" routine.

And from there,the doctor conquested my heart,in every episode he showed more of him,his kindness,friendship,power of love,and willing to help the others or anyone who was in danger.I was absolutely in love with him.

I thought,in my opinion,Rose was like one of these girls who always are helped,and never helps or never is a leader in a situation of danger;but i was completely wrong.The whole season i saw the doctor doing everything,Rose was like the "assistant",but in the last episodes,I went shook,because Rose finally found her reason to be there,her reason to be a hero for who needed help.

And she did amazing,she found her proposit,in the last episode,principally,in a situation without the doctor,without anyone,and knowing she had to help and do something to stop that big war that was happening,she counted with her boyfriend and her mom's help to open the heart of the Tardis and try to travel back there.But it wasn't the only thing,it wasn't just the most important part of this blue box ship,it was a time vault.

And this time vault had powers above time and everything in the universe,and then,in a emotional scene,she absorved it's power,traveled to where the war was happening,and in tears,showed she could help too.In a emotional moment,these two persons,who was friends,discovered to be lovers.This scene was really emotionally beautiful,i can't explain straight how much I loved this.

And then,with sacrifice,a big change in the story,the doctor sacrificed himself for her,and absorving all the power which was in her,he regenerated,and turned into a completely different person,in appearance,and in personality too. But never turned different,because he still was the doctor we met before.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017